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Ski & Snowboard Foot Pain

Are you sick of sore feet on the slopes?

Do you get foot pain, arch pain, burning or pressure points in your boots?

Skiing & snowboarding doesn’t have to be painful!

Our podiatrists are also fully-trained ski and snowboard boot fitters so truely understand the problems that you can develop.

Foot pain while skiing or boarding is often caused by your feet not being supported correctly inside of your boots, making the muscles inside your feet work harder than they need to.

This can be solved with something as simple as fitting a custom orthotic insole for your boots or making an adjustment to your boot liner or referring you down to one of the local ski shops for shell adjustments

We can help with:

Pain, cramping, burning or numbness while skiing/boarding.

Pressure points or “hot spots” in boots

“6th Toe” issues, bunions or bone spurs

Blisters, calluses and corns.

Book in now for a ski or snowboard boot fit consultation with one of our experts, so we can get you back out on the slopes pain-free!

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