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Custom Medical Orthotics - Insoles

Medical orthotics are insoles made from a 3D scan of your feet and designed by your Podiatrist on our world class in-house 3D software specifically to your needs

Custom orthotics are most commonly used to change areas of increasing loading or pressure under your feet.

We use orthotics to help with injuries, aches & pains or even to help with preventing calluses and corns. Unlike most clinics here in New Zealand, our custom-made insoles are designed entirely by your podiatrist from start to finish.

We start with a 3D scan of your feet then we design them on state of the art software from Europe - this gives us total control over the features we add to your insoles according to your individual needs and get the best result for you.

Features of our Custom Made Orthotics:

Designed on in-house on 3D modelling software

3D printed shells with a top cover of your material choice

5+ year life span with annual reviews to ensure durability

Thinking about a second pair of Custom Orthotics? 

  • Tired of swapping your insoles from shoe to shoe?
  • Do you have a different style of shoe your current orthotics can't fit?
  • Do you want to increase the life span of your orthotics?

If your custom orthotics were made by us, a second pair can be made from the same 3D design file we have on our database, with the exact same arch contour and correction. Or perhaps you'd like different shape to suit other types of shoes, a thinner pair, or simply a second set to reduce constant swapping across and wear and tear on your current orthotics.

Your second pair is cheaper

A big part of the cost of the first pair of orthotics is the time spent by your podiatrist in conducting your assessment, analyzing your gait, completing your foot scan, and creating a custom prescription on our in-house software that ticks all the boxes on the level of support and features your orthotics must have to get you the best results.

With your second pair, some of that has already been taken care of, meaning your second pair is only
$375 (which includes a short fitting appointment).

Do you have a question?

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