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Services & Treatments

Custom Medical Orthotics

Medical orthotics are insoles manufactured specifically from a foot cast.

Lunula Cold Laser

The Lunula Laser is a cold laser therapy that destroys the bugs that cause fungal nail infections.

Swift Microwave Therapy

Have you had dry ice or used paint-on treatments for your verrucas with no success?

Movement Analysis

The way we move and load through our legs can be assessed.

Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery

If conservative care has failed to help we can provide you with a successful permanent option

Foot Strapping

Strapping can help reduce loading on tissues while rehabilitating from an injury.

Foot Mobilisation

Stiff joints have long been known to cause dysfunction in the body - foot joints are no different.

Dry Needling

This is a form of western acupuncture useful for many muscle and ligament issues.


This involves a series of injections of a sterile medical sugar solution.

General Footcare

We can take care of your painful, tired feet with a range of options to suit your needs.

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