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Child Foot, Ankle & Leg Pain

Are you worried about your child's walking pattern or foot shape?

Is your child having trouble with:

Pain in their feet, ankles or knees?

Pain that is worse with exercise?

An unusual walking pattern such as in-toeing (pigeon-toed), out-toeing (duck walking), toe-walking, frequent tripping over or difficulty keeping up with their peers?

Ingrown nails or warts?

Foot pain in kids is NOT NORMAL!

We believe kiwi kids should be out enjoying what they love...NOT PUTTING UP WITH PAIN!

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Common problems we see:

Osgood Schlatters knee pain

If your child has been having trouble with pain at the front of their knee, that is made worse with jumping & landing, or when it is knocked/pressed, they may have Osgood-Schlatter’s disease.

Sever's Heel Pain

The most common form of heel pain that we see in children is Sever’s Disease. This is most commonly seen in highly active kids between the ages of 8-14.

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