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Foot & Ankle Pain

Is your foot or ankle pain holding you back? Have you had a sprain or injury that has never quite come right?

There may be an obvious reason for this, like a recent sprain, but sometimes there is a not so obvious reason.

Either way it is important to have it checked out by one of our experts.
The foot is a complex collection of 28 bones, 33 joints and over 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments. With this complexity, some things can get temporarily dysfunctional or painful.

Foot and ankle pain can range from heel pain, ankle pain, sprains or fractures, arthritis, and various other complaints.

Ankle Injuries

You don’t have to live with “bad” ankles! Our diagnosis & treatment protocol aims to not only support and stabilize your ankle in the short term, but also strengthen your ankle and improve mobility for long-term success. We utilise the most up-to-date orthotic & exercise prescription research to help you back out onto the trails, slopes, or back into the gym without worry!

Arch Pain

Pain, burning or stiffness in your arch when standing, exercising or when you first get up out of bed may indicate you have Plantar Fasciitis or an injury to the band of your plantar fascia. This most commonly affects the area where the tissue attaches to your heel bone, however some people also experience symptoms under the arches of their feet.

Bunion Pain 

Bunion pain is commonly caused by either rubbing from tight footwear, or painful changes from within the joint itself. These can be managed conservatively with custom orthotics, footwear recommendations and a course of Foot Mobilisation Therapy.

Beyond these therapies, there are not many other treatments available aside from surgical correction of the joint. However, we have found significant success with use of orthotics & correct footwear before having to resort to surgery. 

Pain in the “Ball” of Your Foot 

Numbness, shooting pain, burning pain or tingling in the front of your foot or in your toes can often be caused by an irritated nerve called a Morton’s Neuroma, or a fluid-filled sac called a Bursitis. This can often be caused by increased pressure under the ball of your foot, as well as tight-fitting footwear. Both Neuromas and Bursitis can be formally diagnosed using an ultrasound scan, however they both present very similarly and are treated in the same way so a scan may not be necessary.

Treatment for Neuromas and Bursitis usually involves a custom orthotic, changes to footwear, aspiration with a needle or a steroid injection. 

Pain under your big toe joint may mean you have bruised or injured your Sesamoid bones. High-impact activities such as running or high-intensity workouts can result in repeated impact to the small bones that lie beneath your big toe joint. This can cause a painful, bruised feeling under the joint during and after activity. We can help this by using our state of the art in-shoe pressure mapping technology to understand the causes behind this, and to guide our treatment process going forward.

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